Engraved plaques as the way to motivate your worker

Do you know, that sometimes different honors from your side as a manager can highly increase your worker’s productivity and enhance his willing to achieve strategic goals of your company? Or that one present can tremendously improve your relationship with the person you favor? This powerful instrument is called “Awarding people”. Simply, awarding people have large impact on those, who obtain such awards. At first, they become more productive because they are sure that they deserve more. Secondly, they are able to work with more famous and experienced people, because the more awards you have – the better and the more successful you are. Thirdly, they have more competitive CV, which enables them to obtain higher posts. However, honored people normally remain at the same enterprises because they like to be outstanding. Continue reading Engraved plaques as the way to motivate your worker


One of the basic ideas of Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc is the health research and direct virus detection. But unfortunately in the case of HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis the “time to respond” factor belongs to the group of risk and DA/ CD, Inc provides a huge array of quality and rapid ELISA kits for the most of your needs including infectious diseases, allergy or vitamin deficiency.

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Digital X-Ray

Basically, the X-Ray is the major instrument in modern medicine, which allows to diagnose various injuries and diseases. The way it works is quite simple – device emits radiation through the part of your body, and puts the image on radiation sensible cassette. Digital X-Ray is more contemporary tool, which includes electronic components in it, providing faster and easier diagnostic process for doctor and patient.

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6 most myths fitness

6 most popular myths and truths about fitness

We recommend believing these! Do you think your friends are lying to you? Of course! At the beginning of the new year, everyone is talking about the new plans, the beginning of good nutrition and healthy habits. And you probably also stocked with new exercises and schemes to improve your body. At the same time you will hear a lot of different advice on this, but not all of them are true.

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6 products which will make of you the genius

The meal not only raises your physical strength, but also salutarily influences our brain.

Nutrients which contains in food, are excellent fuel for our brain.
And some products are capable to create the present miracles.
After their use we become more concentrated, careful and savvy.
The American scientists have found out, that the small handful of nuts in a diet will help to improve memory.
As a result of the lead experiment it turned out, that adults who ate on 13 grams of nuts routinely, far better coped with performance cognitive exercises than those who did not use them.

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10 useful properties of bulb onion

Usually, an onion add for strengthening taste of this or that dish and to give to it the certain aroma. Also, the onion has a large number of, useful to health, substances.

The onion concerns to one biological family to which the chives and an purret belong. Centuries all over the world people used useful properties of an onion.

Learn, how much he useful, and from what diseases he can protect.

10 useful properties of bulb onion

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Role of mineral substances in an organism

Mineral substances participate fully in biochemical processes which provide ability to live of our organism. Especially, they are important for realization of transfer of an electrochemical signal in muscular fibres and nervous fabrics. Mineral substances serve the catalyst for biochemical reactions in an organism and a building material for a skeleton. In an organism they are not synthesized, and their stocks are insignificant. Therefore, mineral substances should act on a regular basis in an organism together with food.

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